Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Teenage Tantrums

The teenage years are described in Wikipedia as “years in which rapid physical growth and psychological changes occur. A long process that begins with a surge in hormone production, which in turn causes a number of changes”
Now that is too many changes happening at the same time. No wonder the teenage years are considered volatile and temperamental. Tough times lie ahead for us as we have someone in our midst who is stepping into its teens. Happy Birthday Indigo Holidays, you are 13 years now. March 07th 2003 was when our company was registered in Mapusa, Goa. Since then we have been celebrating every year on March 07th, a time just to get together and have fun for surviving another year in this tough, competitive and ever changing travel industry.

Not much of a political person but our former prime minister has been referred to as an "Accidental Prime Minister". We think the title - "Accidental Entrepreneur"is just apt for us. We are not the lot which had the vision and ambition to create an enterprise that solved problems and made life better on this planet. We stumbled upon it as other preferred options were slipping away. For the first couple of years we were like headless chickens. There was no focus, we were doing everything under the travel domain and were direction less. The fact that we started young having no liabilities and alot of support & patience from family helped us. It is only after the first 2 years we started sensing potential and a sustainable future in the venture.

Over the years we have been stupid, silly, foolish and ignorant of various aspects of our trade but we learnt and we had fun along the way. It has been a tough, rewarding and frustrating journey so far. Entrepreneurship is fascinating, it invokes so many emotions, it takes you through amazing highs and depths of lows in a roller coaster ride. You have to be one to understand how it changes you as a person. Each day comes with thepossibility of being the most rewarding to existence threatening.

We at Indigo Holidays in its teens now, and in all its brashness are ready and excited for this phase. The experience of the past decade or so is going to help us evolve and transform. Travel Industry itself is changing at an alarming pace. We started our company around the same time as make my trip and cleartrip. These companies have managed to adapt and grow much faster. It might not be entirely fare to compare us to a dot com company but yes there are extreme challenges ahead and we need to be on top of our game to survive and grow.

So here it is to happy teens and future growth.