Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bollywood loves Goa……..It’s implications.

Alcoholic husbands & brothers wearing berets and pants with suspenders, mini skirt wearing young women easily available, drugs sex etc. A story for 3 old men to have a good time in their late life time or that of the drug nexus in the state, Goa has been the backdrop of many bolywood movies. The portrayal of Goa & Goan’s has created an image among many of a free for all sin city in India. 

The reason why bolywood keeps coming back to Goa is less for the demand of the script and the storyline and more about the financials & convenience. The ESG or Entertainment Society of Goa which is a government body gives a single window clearance for all permissions for filming in Goa, unlike in Mumbai and elsewhere you need permissions from local governing bodies, railways, police etc. In March 2011 alone there were about 20 films being shot in Goa in different parts. The handicap in this initiative is the non availability of good equipments of shooting for this the Entertainment Society of Goa is planning to start a film school in the near future.  This will help nurture talent as well as make the latest equipments available for filming.

Goan’s though will have to pay the price for an stereotypical and one dimensional image created by an industry who probably do not understand them as well. Having fun & enjoying life with a couple of drinks is perceived to be immoral & loose. The latest controversy was about the film “Dum Maro Dum” where in a character says “here liquor is cheap and women are cheaper than liquor” caused quite a stir. At the same time could you expect any better from bolywood who have always been typecasting?  Have the most glamorous parts of the Goan life style and mannerisms been just conveniently adapted into the narration? Some directors have been very sensitive and used the Goan landscape & beauty very well as a backdrop, like Shyam Benegal , Sanjay Leela bansali Farhan Akthar etc. 

Goa has also lost out in being portrayed correctly because of its less presence in Bolywood, there are no eminent Goan writers, directors or producers. To the flip side of it the various movies filmed with Goa as its backdrop has given free mileage and a brand identity to Goa’s thriving tourism Industry. In the post recession times where many destinations felt the heat, Goa could tide through the rough times with a very good flow of domestic tourists.

All said and done Goa is now a integral part of Bollywood and it offers its unique culture and laid back attitude along with its natural beauty to be captured and portrayed in whichever way it makes sense to the story but as with every industry bolywood is also a extremely commercial one where in it relies on the avid movie goers who pays to buy the ticket. Probably sex, drugs and a stereotypical image is what sells.

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