Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year in Goa

The New Year has just arrived and probably by now all the new year resolutions that were efficiently pursued for the past few days might have started to erode and give in to our temptations and desires. The one New Year resolution that I managed to keep for the past 2 years is to enter into the New Year away from the land I love, probable the only time so far I do not like to be in Goa. Post Christmas the Lakhs of Party lovers start descending on the shores of Goa to welcome the New Year which means many of  us who frequent to the beaches, restaurants and friendly pubs must surrender our land and retreat to safer heavens.

The coastline of Goa becomes one large party place. The tourists come with bags of money which we need but along with it comes accidents, traffic jams, long lines, petty fights, crowded beaches and garbage every where. All the things Goa is not associated with. I wonder how much these heavy spending guests enjoy. During a picnic to essell world a amusement park in the outskirts of Mumbai the entire class rushed to one of the rides. Our class was a large one with about 85 students the rest of the rides were fairly empty as we were among the only few on a weekday in the morning. The ride was good but some how there was a hype about this ride and fellow students me including started coming back for a repeat experience, most of us had to wait for about half an hour as almost whole class was focusing on the one ride. After about two times me and my friend decided to move on to the next one. I actually enjoyed the next better than the one I had spend more time on but felt it difficult to express to my friends who were all in awe of the ride. Today I realize that it was nothing but our desire to follow the crowd. I wonder if it is only Human or an Indian phenomenon to follow the crowd.

In about the past 07 years in the travel industry I have come across so many varieties of tourists who were fascinated about the entire event of celebrating New Years Eve in Goa. One of them argued with me saying that he will come 3 days before the 31st of December as he had been told that the borders of Goa get sealed and no one is allowed to enter Goa from the 30th of December. There is another guest of mine who comes every year for New Year along with his friends and pays the advance for the next year. There are some who like me do not probably enjoy the entire experience but still come to be with friends. The demand for the region is so high that you spend at least 300% more for anything.

The experience of New Year in Goa is enjoyed by many even though you have to pay a bomb for everything and still go through long lines and traffic jams and loose the entire experience of a laid back Goa, I have still not figured out what is the big deal.

Bike during rest of the year                                           Rs.150\-
Bike during New Year                                      Rs.1000\-

Homestay accommodation during rest of the year          Rs.800\-
Homestay accommodation during New-Year                Rs.4000\-

Beer during rest of the year                                           Rs.40\-
Beer during new year                                                    Rs.120\-

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