Monday, December 13, 2010

Mando - The Love song of Goa

Mando is called the love song of Goa. In fact in the past, mando did not deal with themes of love alone. There were also many other issues projected through the mando, but on the whole mandos were composed on different shades of love and hence it came to be known as the love song of Goa. Mando is also called the dance song of Goa as it is accompanied by a dance  while being sung. Family celebrations uded to culminate around the singing and dancing of mando.

Goa has different types of songs and dance, it can be classified into religious, childhood, marriage, random folk, occupational, caste theatrical etc. Goan music in the past was mostly monophonic. Due to the Portuguese influence Goa was exposed to Harmonic music. The first type of Goan music to use harmony were those sung in the church. Subsequently other songs like the Dekhni, dulops, tiatr songs and mando all started using Harmonic music.

Although the mando is alove song expressing varied emotions of love, the dulops bring before you interesting happenings in society. Dulops are mirrors of our society. A real dulop will hit hard at a particular issue while at the same  time drawing laughter from the audience. It deals with the issues prevailing in society.

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