Friday, March 19, 2010

Fish - The life line of Goa

In Mumbai it is the local train network. But not here. Squids, Mussels, Prawns, Kingfish, Mackreal etc is something which Goa and Goans cannot live without. The day of my Goan friends begin with their moms waking them up to go to the local market to buy the fresh catch. There is always an anxiety and excitement during this period which ends with the consumption of the catch at lunch. The success of your day is measured by the freshness of the fish you manage to Get.

Some common questions when 2 Goans meet each other. "What fish have you brought to day and from where"?

When you go to a restaurant in Goa you do not ask the menu you ask "What is the fresh catch available today"?

In between conversations the Fish strikes - "These days you do not get fresh fish at all". I heard that Siolim market has better and fresher fish".

Fish is always on a Goans mind. My Goan friend landmarks his way to our apartment in Kharghar by the fisherwomen sitting by the roadside with their catch.

Some times there are joint missions undertaken as well "Tomorrow wake me up lets go together to buy fish".

A life without these aquamarine species would be unimaginable. But when you have the various fish curries and fries and various other preparations like caldin (cooked with coconut milk) Balchao (a pickly & spicy thick Goan cuury)  or a normal coconut based curry with rava fried fish you realize the whole exercise is worth it.

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